Gender Intelligence Show

Gender intelligence is impactful knowledge!!!!

After listening to this podcast, I am aware of how different men and women are. More importantly, I am able to implement new strategies of effectively communicating and working with men. I recommend this podcast to men and women as we may believe and acknowledge that each gender is different, but to understand and know how to work around these differences is priceless.

This podcast shows how to compromise in order to better communicate with the opposite gender. This is extremely impactful in understanding the differences between men and women and gaining knowledge in gender intelligence. Barbara Annis does an extraordinary job of explaining how men and women communicate in different ways, yet are all striving for the same goals of fulfillment, growth, and purpose.

This is significant knowledge to lead one to becoming a better leader, team player, and communicator. Barbara offers several ways to empower different genders and to work through team conflicts in an understanding manner.

Oct. 26, 2020 by Bawsnajejdj on Apple Podcasts

Gender Intelligence Show