Gender Intelligence Episodes

March 16, 2021

Gender Intelligence in Mining

The Gender Intelligence community is growing. Early adopters in finance and technology are now being joined by manufacturing and mining companies, as they too recognize the benefits of building inclusive cultures through an understanding of the value...

Gender Intelligence At Work Mining Industry

March 09, 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

On a day to mark the progress of women’s rights around the globe, Barbara and Paul discuss ‘mining the gold,’ to recognize and appreciate the differences and strengths that women bring to the workplace, and in leadership roles. The theme of this...

Gender Intelligence At Work At Home

March 02, 2021

The Gender Intelligence Diagnostic Tool

How do you measure training effectiveness when it comes to Gender Intelligence? We’ve got a tool for that! Our Online Gender Diversity Diagnostic tool allows individuals, teams, and organization to quantify their Gender Intelligence scores, and...

Gender Intelligence At Work Workplace Tools

February 23, 2021

Learning Nudges

Microlearning is gaining traction in the corporate training world. More and more educators and instructional designers are realizing the benefits of bite-sized learning, compared to workshops or longer form e-learning. The Gender Intelligence Group...

Gender Intelligence At Work At Home Tools

February 16, 2021

Gender Intelligence in the time of COVID-19

It's a disruptive time for everyone. Organizations are concerned about the wellbeing and productivity of employees, and individuals are facing serious challenges too. Barbara and Paul reflect on the issues facing many of us, and focus on 6 important...

Gender Intelligence At Work At Home Workplace Tools

August 14, 2020

Why Does Gender Intelligence Matter Everywhere Else?

The gender intelligence conversation gets a bit more personal as Barbara Annis, author of Results At The Top, examines why it matters "everywhere else," including the home, the hospital, and in difficult conversations.    In the final...

Gender Intelligence

July 13, 2020

Why Does Gender Intelligence Matter In The Workplace?

In this continued conversation on Gender Intelligence, Barbara Annis, author of Same Words Different Langauge, and CEO of Gender Intelligence Group (GIG) examines the role of gender intelligence in the workplace.  Topics include blindspots in the...

Gender Intelligence

May 02, 2020

What Is Gender Intelligence?

Barbara Annis discusses the origin of the concept of Gender Intelligence, the neuroscience behind it, and where she hopes to go with this podcast. Gender intelligence is transforming the way we think about communication, relationships, and conflict between the genders by revealing the differences that make each gender unique. Learn how Barbara Annis coined the term of gender intelligence decades ago and has since made it her mission to take the idea of gender intelligence mainstream.

Gender Intelligence